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Crawfordsville Middle School believes in providing the highest quality and the most appropriate education to every student. To meet this goal, CMS implements differentiated course offerings, and utilizes data-based decision making to assist placing students in the appropriate course for their individual learning needs. This allows all students to receive instruction that is designed to his/her level of understanding, while still receiving high quality grade level curriculum.

Crawfordsville Middle School operates on a hybrid block schedule. Math and language arts classes meet everyday, while science, social studies, and electives meet every other day. Courses/blocks are scheduled into what is referenced as either A or B days. 5 class periods meet each day and are 68 minutes in length with five minute passing periods between each period. All students also begin each day with a 25 minute Advisory period. Students are scheduled with a teacher for their Advisory class when they enter 6th grade and maintain the same teacher for Advisory through their 3 years at CMS. Students receive mentoring from the teacher with their academic progress, as well as receive Social Emotional Learning with Second Steps during this time. Students begin their day at 8:40 with Advisory and end their day at 3:45 after 5th period.

Crawfordsville Middle School operates on a modified block schedule.  Students have 5 periods each day.  Math and language arts instruction are offered every day, while science, social studies, and related arts classes are offered every other day.  Each class period is 68 minutes long with the exception of Wednesdays when class periods are 64 minutes long to accommodate for the late start on Wednesday.  The school doors open at 8 AM and classes begin at 8:40 M/T/TH/F while on Wednesdays, classes start at 9:20.   Each day the students have an advisory class period where social-emotional lessons are conducted and teachers build relationships with their class to help them with academics.  During advisory students may eat breakfast and on late start Wednesday a breakfast option is offered in the cafeteria.  Teachers and students also have a 30-minute lunch period each day.

Crawfordsville Middle School students are provided core curricula in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and related arts.  Students may enjoy a robust offering of related arts classes including, band, choir, art, Spanish, FACS, engineering, environment and space, medical detectives, business technology, and computer science.  8th grade students may also take Spanish I, Algebra I, Preparing for College and Careers, and Health for high school credit.

Crawfordsville Middle School students are provided core curricula of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. A wide variety of electives are available for students to take in addition to core curricula including, physical education, specialized physical education, band, choir, exploring music, art, journalism, spanish, family and consumer sciences, business technology, computer science, engineering, medical detectives, science of technology, flight and space, and environment and energy. High school credit in the 8th grade is also available to take through the following courses: Algebra I, Spanish I, Health, and Preparing for College and Careers.